4A Molecular Sieve Powder

The molecular sieve powder has the effective performances of adsorption and selectivity. it is suitable with application of insulating glass desiccant, refrigerant desiccant. Powder are widely used as catalysts in the refining of crude oil into finished petroleum products.Zeolites are also increasingly finding use in the production of petrochemicals, often replacing environmentally unfriendly catalysts. Unlike more hazardous acid catalysts that have been used in the past, zeolites are non-hazardous, regenerable, and non-corrosive.


NaO.Al2O3. SiO2.4.5H2O

Technical Parameter:

H2O capacity % ≥27
Bulk density g/ml ≥0.65
CO2 capacity %  
Commutative rate %  
CL- %  
PH % ≤11
Packing capacity % ≤22


4A Molecular Sieve Powder used in dehumidification of oil-gas


20 kg. Airtight Sealed Paper Plastic Bag


Molecular sieve powder is not flammable but if they are exposed to water the molecular sieve will give off heat. Molecular sieve dust can also irritate sensitive tissues and because of these reasons, safety precautions must be observed. Wear protective clothing (eye protection, dust masks, gloves and clothing to cover the body).