Activated Alumina Powder

Alumina is supplied as spray-dried powder. This product has high surface area and high acid dispersibillities and the dispersed alumina suspension of sols serve as an excellent binding agent.


Alumina is predominantly used in the production of high quality ceramics, abrasives and polishing agents. It is also used in the manufacture of catalyst supports with low macroporosity and high surface area for the petroleum refinery, chemical processing and automotive industries.

Chemical analysis (nominal)

Na2 O(wt %) 0.05
SiO2(wt%) 0.07
Fe2O3(wt%) 0.01
Cl(wt%) 0.10
Loss on ignition(wt%) 28


20 kg. Airtight Sealed Paper Plastic Bag


Molecular sieve powder is not flammable but if they are exposed to water the molecular sieve will give off heat. Molecular sieve dust can also irritate sensitive tissues and because of these reasons, safety precautions must be observed. Wear protective clothing (eye protection, dust masks, gloves and clothing to cover the body).