3A Molecular sieve

Product Description :

For the global energy shortage ethanol is gradually attracting interest taking it as a brand-new fuel. It can be used as an automotive fuel by itself and can be mixed with gasoline to reduce the octane value and improve combustion efficiency, easy up the uptight energy shortage situation. However, in ethanol, there is usually some moisture which will influence the ethanol performance to remove the moisture, we produces a desiccant especially for ethanol water removal to get a high purity ethanol.
3A molecular sieve is specifically designed for drying fuel grade ethanol. Ethanol can only be dried to 95.6% purity by traditional distillation. 3A selectively adsorbs the water from the solution to produce anhydrous ethanol with less than 1% water. This is the drying method of choice for fuel ethanol producers.

3A Molecular Sieve Suppliers in India

Chemical Formula

K12[(AIO₂)12(SiO₂)12] •nH₂O


  • Olefin drying (Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene), drying of polar liquids (Methanol, Ethanol).
  • Drying of cracking gas/liquid, drying of polymer plant feed.
  • Drying N2-FI2 mixtures made by cracking of NH3.
  • CO2 drying, Solvent drying, drying of liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Deep drying of kerosene and jet fuel.
AG -510 AG -520 8*12mesh AG -530 6*8mesh (EPG) AG -540 (EPG/PG)
Pore Size A 3
Size Distribution mm Powder 1.6-2.5(bead) 3-5(bead) 1/16” pellet
Bulk Density Kg/m3 - 690min 690min 700min
Crush strength N - 27min 80min 45min
Equilibrium H2O adsorp. Capacity (50% RH) %wt 23min 22min 21.5min 21.5min
Residual water content at 575ºC degree %wt 2max 1.5max 1.5max 1.5max
K+ exchange rate % 41 min - - -

Packaging :

Packing : 25 Kg. Air Tight HDPE Drum / 125 Kg. Galvanized air-tight steel drum with Linen sealed.
Storage : 2 to 50C degree, max.90°, 0RH. in dry room, Prevention against water, acid and alkalis