Alumina Grinding Balls

Product Description :

It’s widely used a process of grinding mixing, dispersion.

  • Engineering Ceramics, Ceramics Capacitor, Tiles, Sanitaryware, Porcelain, Pigments, Enamels, Cement, Abrasive Compounds
  • Ceramics Industry.
  • Other fields would be Paints, Chemicals, Electronics, Plastics.
Activated Grinding Balls

UsageExclusive use for
Exclusive use for
Usage for
ApplicationBeads / BallsOnly BallsOnly BallsOnly BallsBeads / Balls
Standard Size (mmφ)0.5-3020-5020-5020-500.3-20
CompositionAl2O3 (%)9392929199.5
SiO2 (%)5558MgO 0.4
Specific Gravity (g/cm3)3.613.613.593.503.80
Porosity (%)
Vickers Hardness1250-13001200115010001300
Flexural Strength (MPa)380370350330350
Breaking Strength (Kgf/Pcs)1000100010008501100
Wear RateWet method (%)
Dry method (%)0.250.520.45
Test ConditionFlexural StrengthISO 14704 : 2000
Breaking Strength of BallTest Ball : 8mm with compression Test Machine, Cross Head Speed : 0.5mm/min
Wet Method
of Wear Rate
with Balls
Alumina Ball Mill Mill Size : 1,500cc,Media size : 20mm, Media feed : 1,000gr(Packing Volume=30% )
Water Feed : 1,000cc Grinded Material Feed : Al2O3 Powder 800gr
Mill Speed : 83rpm,Grinding Test time : 50hrs
Dry Method
of Wear Rate
with Balls
Alumina Ball Mill Mill Size : 2,200cc,Media size : 20mm,Media feed : 2,200gr(Packing Volume=50%)
Water Feed / Grinded Material Feed : None
Mill Speed : 90rpm,Grinding Test time : 96hrs


We are adopting the roll granulation method for these products.

  • The high density and almost perfect roundness with smooth surface for higher grinding efficiency.
  • The excellent wear resistance, higher impact strength to save your running cost and less contamination.
  • The products have variety of quality and media size to choose the most suitable grinding condition.

Packaging :

Packing : 25 Kgs triple layer paper PP bag/25 kgs. HDPE drum/125 kgs. Galvanized air-tight steel drum with Linen sealed