4A Molecular sieve

Product Description :

Molecular Sieve type 4A is an alkali alumino silicate; it is the sodium forms of the type A crystal structure.4A molecular sieve has an effective pore opening of about 4 angstroms (0.4nm). 4A molecular sieve will adsorb most molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger.

Such adsorbable molecules include simple gas molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and straight chain hydrocarbons. Branched chain hydrocarbons and aromatics are excluded.

Typical Chemical Formula :

NA12 [(ALO2, 12(SiO2, 12] •XH2O

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Applications :

Molecular Sieve 4A is generally used to remove moisture or to refine material and can be applied to the liquefied and gaseous materials on the whole. Main adsorbing target is water and it can adsorb all the material whose molecular diameter is less than 4A.The main uses are as follows.

  • Drying and removing of CO2 from natural gas, LPG, air, inert and atmospheric gases, etc
  • Removal of hydrocarbons, ammonia and methanol from gas streams (ammonia syn gas treating).
  • Dried packing of chemical and electronic goods
  • Removing moisture in paint and PU Plastic.
  • Oil paint, polyester, dye dehydration.
AG -510 AG -520 8*12mesh AG -530 6*8mesh (EPG/PG) AG -540 (EPG/PG)
Pore Size A 4
Size Distribution mm 0.5-1.0(bead) 1.6-2.5(bead) 4-6(bead) 1/8”,1/16” pellet
Bulk Density Kg/m3 690min 690min 690min 700min
Crush strength N 20min 30min 70min 45min
Equilibrium H2O adsorp. Capacity (50% RH) %wt 19.5min 22min 21.5min 21.5min
Residual water content at 575ºC degree %wt 2max 1.5max 1.5max 1.5max

Packaging :

Packing : 25 Kg. Air Tight HDPE Drum / 125 Kg. Galvanized air-tight steel drum with Linen sealed.
Storage : 2 to 50C degree, max. 90%RH, in dry room, Prevention against water, acid and alkalis.