Air Brake Desiccant (8*12)

Molecular sieve air brake desiccant could give the most reliable performance to your air actuated braking systems. Airbrake air dryers are very important to the delivery of clean, dry, oil-free air to the air brake system

Water Capacity @ 4.6torr,25C(wt%) 20.0 min.
Loss on ignition (LOI)@960 C(wt%) 2.5 max
Density (g/cm3) 0.85 min.
Crush, average 25 beads (N) 70 min.
Activate Attrition (wt%) 1.0 max
Beads Size distribution (wt%)  
Through 6 mesh
Through 8 mesh
Through 12 mesh
Through 20 mesh
Through 100 mesh
100 min
90 min
10 max
1.0 max
0.02 max


25 Kg. Cartoon Drum, 140 Kg. Steel Drum