Air Brake Desiccant

Product Description :

Molecular Sieve BS-5 is a highly porous, crystalline alkali metal alumino-silicate in beaded form. It's the sodium form of the type A crystal structure. It will adsorb most molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 4 angstroms and exclude those larger. Such adsorbable molecules include simple gas molecules, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxyde and straight chain hydrocarbons, as well as moisture. Branched chain hydrocarbons and aromatics are excluded.

Chemical Formula :


Appearance Bead Bead
Size mm 1.6-2.5
>1.6: 92.0 % min
>2.5: 1.50 % max
>2.0: 92.0 % min
>4.0: 1.50 % max
Total Volatile(575 'C,1 hr) % 1.0 max 1.0 max
Total Volatile(950 *C,1 hr) % 3.0 max 3.0 max
Static adsorption (25t, 60RII, 2411) wt-% 20:0 min 20:0 min
Activated Attrition (dry) wt-% 0:3 max 0:3 max
Crush strength N 70.0 min 90.0 min
Bulk density g/1 750 min 750 min
Water Capacity 50% RH and 25°C. (Minimum)% ≥20.0 %
Dry Crushing 50 (45 min) N/bead
Wet Crushing 18 (12 min) N/bead
Packing Moisture ≤ 1.5 %
Attrition ≤ 1.0 %
Bulk Density 0.75 ~ 0.85 g/ml
Bead Size ≥ 96 %

Applications :

Molecular Sieve BS-5 has been specially developed for use of truck break systems. It has the following characters:
-High mechanical strength and particle integrity necessary to prevent crushing or attrition
-High moisture adsorption.

Hand & Storage Recommendation :

It should be handled to avoid generation of dusty conditions at the workplace. Storage in a dry warehouse is recommended. Open packages should be resealed to prevent contamination and adsorption of water or other gases and vapors.

Packaging :

Packing : 25 Kg. Air Tight HDPE Drum / 125 Kg. Galvanized air-tight steel drum with Linen sealed.
Storage : 2 to 50C degree, max. 90%RH, in dry room, Prevention against water, acid and alkalis